Historical Persons in the Novel

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The following actual people are mentioned in the novel:


Penelope and Richard Stout

Lieutenant Nicholas and Anne Stillwell

Their children Nicky, Ricky, Annie, Alice

Augustine Herrmann

Caspar and Judith Varleth

Their children Jannetje, Ann, Judi , Nicholas.

Hendrick van Dyke, sheriff

Pieter (Petrus) Stuyvesant, Director-General of New Netherland

His wife Judith Stuyvesant and child Balthazar

His sister Anna Bayard and her 4 children including Balthazar,

Seth Verbrugge, merchant

Govert Lockersman, trader

Lucas Rodenborch, Vice-Director of Curacao

Paulus Leendersz, equipage master

Han Wyer, ship master

Juriaan Andriessen, former gunner and ship master

Gerrit, tavern owner

Tisquantum, minor Indian chief

Residents of Gravesend, Long Island

Lady Deborah Moody, founder

Thomas and Elizabeth Applegate and daughter Emilie

London Ambrose

Rodger Scott

Thomas Greedy

Magistrate William Wilkie (not named)

James Bowne

James Hubbard

James Grover